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BanG Dream! Museum

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep our guests safe, the Tokyo Anime Center in DNP Plaza has decided to extend our temporary closing for the foreseeable future.

The Bandori! Museum Exhibit will be canceled. For more details, please check the latest information on the TOPICS page.

The BanG Dream! Museum has recreated the lighting, acoustics, and the details on the costumes that appear in the anime to reenact a live concert from the anime!
It will hold a live experience costume exhibit where fans of BanG! Dream can experience the concert for themselves.

The event will be split into two parts and will feature concert stages and costume exhibits for each of the six bands, an exhibit with character sheets from the anime and life-sized cardboard cutouts of original illustrations, as well as original merchandise that can be purchased, all of which allow you to enjoy the world of BanG! Dream to your heart’s content.

The first half of the event at the Tokyo Anime Center will feature Poppin'Party, Pastel*Palettes, and Roselia, while the second half will feature RAISE A SUILEN, Afterglow, and Hello, Happy World!

Exhibition Details


1st basement floor, DNP Ichigayatamachi Bldg.
1-14-1 Ichigaya-tamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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  • Opening hours 11:00 - 20:00
  • Closing day Tuesdays, year-end / New Year holiday,
    facility inspection days,
    exhibition replacement days

By train

Ichigaya Station (Yurakucho Line)
1-minute walk from Exit 6

Ichigaya Station (Namboku Line)
1-minute walk from Exit 6

JR Ichigaya Station
5-minute walk

Ichigaya Station (Toei Shinjuku Line)
6-minute walk from Exit 1

By bus

Toei Bus (Route: Hashi 63)
5-minute walk from Ichigaya-Tamachi
6-minute walk from Ichigaya Station

Toei Bus (Route: Taka 71)
6-minute walk from Ichigaya Station

  • In addition to the above holidays, we may be closed due to administrative reasons or we may stop managing specific space. Please note.
  • There is no parking lot in this facility. Please use public transportation facilities such as trains and buses when visiting.
  • Overnight Act · Please refrain from visiting from early morning due to customer’s security, accident prevention, and due consideration to the neighborhood. If the above can not be observed, we may stop exhibition / goods sale.



An anime center
everyone’s beloved works.

Japanese animation culture has been fostered both by creators and fans.

That’s why anyone, from beginners to professionals within and outside of Japan,
can connect through their feelings of wanting to experience and enjoy anime.

Don’t you think there should be a place that puts a spotlight
on the cultural side of animation?

This is a place where we can spread
the latest in Japanese animation culture to more people.

Tokyo Anime Center comes face to face with fans,
creators, and content in order to support everyone’s beloved works.

Let’s make animation even more interesting through the connection
between fans and creators around the world.


Experience Japanese

We, the employees of the center, want to offer wonderful encounters with animation to even more people, so we are here every day representing Japanese animation for domestic fans and foreign fans visiting Japan. Japan is known for its animation culture throughout the world, and we are developing as a place where diverse works from around Japan can be gathered in order to cater to those who want to interact with Japan's animation culture.


For future generations
of Japanese animation culture.

Tokyo Anime Center holds various events and sells items for different animation titles at the forefront of modern animation culture. We are able to offer different ways to experience animation, such as exhibitions where you can feel the warmth of the creators through their original art and plans, merchandise sales, and exciting events specifically because we have continued to sincerely interact with creators.


Various approaches
that expand the
animation experience.

In October 2017, Tokyo Anime Center moved from Akihabara UDX to DNP Plaza in Ichigaya as a composite animation facility. It holds a variety of spaces, including an exhibition hall that expresses the worldview of different titles in great detail, a sales area for high-quality original merchandise, concert and event spaces where you can feel like you’re meeting the creators you admire, a café space where you can relax, and more. By applying the diverse approaches that DNP has available through its latest technology and power of expression, we will expand your experiences with animation.


The connections between
fans and creators will give
your experience even more value.

DNP’s member-only service, FUN’S PROJECT, is made to help fans who visit the Tokyo Anime Center feel closer to the creators they admire. By using DNP’s latest technology in various ways, we are able to proudly show the charms of Japanese content like animation, manga, and games, as well as connect creators, content holders, and fans even more strongly. In connection with FUN’S PROJECT, Tokyo Anime Center offers visitors an even more valuable experience.

Floor Map

Exhibition Area

Here we offer different exhibits made to answer the desires of fans of various content. These exhibitions will allow you to experience the worldview of the title with your entire body. There are also exhibitions using the latest visual technology, such as VR and AR, thanks to the cooperation of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and the Association of Japanese Animations.

Sales Area

This area holds character merchandise from different titles as well as high-quality items and semi-custom made items. There is an abundance of sales items available, including original merchandise that you can only purchase here.

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